The madcap critters from the animated film "Arcade Trap" have figured out how to fly, and now it is up to you to stop their aerial antics. Use your device (iPhone4, iPod Touch 4th gen, iPad2) to fight back the critter hoard. Whether you are inside or outside use the camera to locate and eradicate the aerial critter menace. Build drones to harvest the valuable anti-grav crystals or defend against the pesky critters.

Game features include:

  • Lots of weapons types and upgrades, ranging from lasers to the awesome dual mini-guns,
  • Diverse range of enemies, each with unique gameplay traits and personality, ranging from the sneaky mine-layering JetPack critter to the slow but tough Concrete critter blimp,
  • Build drones to help fight the critter hoard, "trace" a blueprint to construct these mechanical sidekicks,
  • Multiple game modes (Challenge mode to unlock power-ups and achievements and Survival mode allows you to access all unlocked tech and fight back the critter menace... how long can you last?),

  • Augmented reality (AR) gameplay, literally turn around to see the critter behind you,
  • Alternatively you can use the tilt control method if spinning around is all a bit too much effort (or you are using an older device),
  • Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards,
  • A simple but rewarding combination of FPS, RTS and tower defence gameplay.

Coming soon:
  • New weapons (including the awesome guided missile launcher),
  • New critter enemies (including the fiendish Alchemist helicopter),
  • New Drone types,
  • Additional Challenge games and game modes.

The game will also work on older devices (iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd gen, iPad) using tilt control rather than the augmented reality control. Note the layout was designed for HD displays and is not optimal on older devices.


  • Added iOS5 support for augmented reality control,
  • The non-AR control (i.e. "touch control") has been totally re-worked (it has actually become the preferred control scheme of the dev team),
  • Added new game mode called "Arcade" designed specifically for bus/train/plane/car travel (or lying in bed). As this mode was designed for the new Critter types and weapons coming in the next update, we have officially classified it as a "beta" feature - but it is still great fun to play,
  • Added "Auto Complete" alternative to some of the more gruelling Challenge Mode games (now everyone can enjoy the awesome power of the Dual Mini-gun, you just have to kill 500 Critters in one of the other game modes),
  • Revised prompt and objective system to make Challenge objectives clearer and more intuitive,
  • Revised several of the Challenge Mode games to make the overall unlocking experience more enjoyable,
  • Changed the flow of some of the weapon unlocks to give the first-time user access to a wider variety of weapons,
  • Performance enhancements across the board,
  • Minor interface enhancements based on user feedback.