Critter Ball is a physics puzzle game featuring the toothy foes from our short film "Arcade Trap". Get these cute little balls of fury out of the Big Boss's underground fortress before they succumb to explosive excitement!

The game features challenging puzzle solving, rolling dexterity and light-hearted critter shenanigans. Use skills to overcome grueling hazards and collect hard to reach bonus items as you race against the clock to launch the critter towards it's munching destiny.

Watch the "Critter Ball" Teaser to get an idea of the gameplay and the (strange but adorable) personality of the critters - Watch it here!

Use the device accelerometer to roll critters out of the fortress of the villainous Big Boss. As you progress through the progressively harder levels you might have to acquire skills and power-ups in order to complete the levels within the time limit (of course if you have mad ninja rolling skills you should be able to complete all levels without resorting to skills).

Some levels may appear impossible at first, but this game doesn't just rely on your tilt dexterity, often the only way to complete the level is with a little bit of lateral thinking!

This is an universal app for iOS and Android.

Coming soon:
  • Lots more levels,
  • Lots more skills,
  • Game Center achievements,
  • and heaps more ...

Not convinced about the awesomeness of the game, then try it for FREE! Get the "Lite" version on your iPhone/iPod/iPad and try it for yourself - "Critter Ball Lite" iTunes Store Link, but remember the full game features dozens of levels, different critter types and many more unique skill types.


  • New critter type added, "The Alchemist" - a fast but fragile critter, with it's own unique skills (it has become a crowd favourite with the game testers!),
  • New "Explode" skill, use this skill to skip levels that you are finding difficult to complete,
  • Game play improvements on almost all levels,
  • More critter points throughout levels to make skill upgrading easier,
  • In-game music (can be muted if desired),
  • Improved score balance,
  • Minor bug fixes and menu improvements,
  • Icon update...cool!