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Mad Dash - Canyon Run
  • The ultimate skill-based customizable runner!

  • With over 10000+ unique gear and skill combinations, discover your ultimate insane load-out to help Pazzo chase down the bandits from the Nine Spades gang.
Mad Dash - Canyon Run - Gameplay Screenshots
Critter Ball
  • Crazy physics puzzler combines dexterity and problem solving challenges.

  • Get the Critters out of the Big Boss's Underground fortress before they succumb to explosive excitement. Fusing both agility and lateral thinking puzzles. Available now in the iTunes store.
Critter Ball - Gameplay Screenshots
Color Strain
  • Casual color matching with virtual career progression.

  • Color Strain is a casual time-based color matching game with virtual career progression. Combine color channels in various modes in an endless stream of progressively harder color scenarios. At release these color modes are RGB, CMYK and Grayscale.
Color Strain - Gameplay Screenshots
Sky Rush
  • Survive the ultimate augmented reality onslaught!

  • The madcap critters from the animated film "Arcade Trap" have figured out how to fly, and now it is up to you to stop their aerial antics. Use your device (iPhone4S/4, iPod Touch 4th gen, iPad2) to fight back the critter hoard. Whether you're inside or outside use the camera to locate and eradicate the aerial critter menace. Build drones to harvest the valuable anti-grav crystals or defend against the pesky critters.
Sky Rush - Gameplay Screenshots
Mad Memory
  • Memory matching madness with 3D physics

  • Mad Memory is a 3D physics memory matching game. The unique gameplay combines classic memory skills with the puzzle solving cunning and fun of fully three dimensional physics.
Mad Memory - Gameplay Screenshots
Piccolo's Adventure
  • Explore the Sam and Piccolo world!

  • Enter the world of "Sam and Piccolo" and explore their valley through a series of events that unfold as Piccolo struggles to overcome a dangerous enemy that threatens his way of life. Engage in combat, go gardening and catch fish from the water hole, while helping Sam protect the valley.
Piccolo's Adventure - Gameplay Screenshots
Critter Rush
  • Can you survive the Critter Rushing madness?

  • Inspired by a scene for the AWF short "Arcade Trap". Help the GameBoy survive ten frantic levels of critter rush madness. Left to fend for himself the GameBoy would quickly succumb to the horde of red critters, but with your help he might just survive! Collect energy tokens and power-ups to inflict carnage on those cute little red balls of fury.
Critter Rush - Gameplay Screenshots
Memory Bytes
  • Test your memory in this crazy variation of the classic tile game!

  • Experience the Trap Arcade first hand with this insane memory game. Be sure to beat the clock or you may get an unpleasant visit from some of the Arcade Trap characters!
Memory Bytes - Gameplay Screenshots
The Nut Collector
  • Help Piccolo collect nuts in this crazy shape stacker!

  • Part Shape stacker, part arcade mazes, part RPG. Help Piccolo collect nuts to buy skills and use powers to pass the hellish higher levels. Watch out for those pesky bugs, and make sure you save up in order to buy the uber skills.
The Nut Collector - Gameplay Screenshots
Memory Stones
  • Test your memory in this enhanced tile game!

  • Enter Piccolo's secret forest and challenge your self to a memory game, where you need to reveal hidden pairs under stones Piccolo has setup for you. Powerful skills and abilities await for you to unlock and master in order to conquer the memory stones. If you have access to the internet, compare your score to other players around the world.
Memory Stones - Gameplay Screenshots
Soul Ball
  • Preview of the physics puzzler in development


Soul Ball - Gameplay Screenshots
Paper Fury

Paper Fury - Gameplay Screenshots