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Latest News

New Blog posts2 August 2013The are several new blog posts from the AWS boyz, make sure you check them out. Includes post about board game, paper model development, and painting imitation weapons. read more...
AWS goes to Siggraph Asia.26 November 2012The AWS team is flying to Singapore for the Siggraph Asia 2012 Conference. We look forward to catching up with colleagues and friends attending. The studio will be closed from 26th Nov to 6th Dec. read more...
Spring 2012 Showreel Released!27 August 2012The AWF studio showreel for Spring 2012 is now available in glorious HD on youtube.com, check out some of our recent animation, film, game and web work! read more...
Fangoria loves our film!28 October 2011Legendary horror magazine "Fangoria" loves our film "The Room at the Top of the Stairs" as part of the Daggers festival. Well done to Briony and everyone involved. read more...
Sam and Piccolo available on YouTube!21 September 2011Sam and Piccolo can now be watched on YouTube for free. It is available in full 1080 HD so you can see all the glorious detail put into it. read more...
Top of the Stairs in Pittsburgh Horror Festival26 May 2011The Room at the Top of the Stairs has been selected for the Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival. This festival selection follows on from the exciting selection of the film to feature in the US tour of the Viscera Festival. read more...
The Room at the Top of the Stairs
  • The Room at the Top of the Stairs
  • An art student is tormented by her friends' obsession with a mysterious ex-housemate.

  • It's Hobart, Tasmania, where a naive girl moves in with a group of other art students and is offered the room that no one wants. This room has been vacated by a mysterious girl named Carmen, still an invasive presence.

    Carmen begins to seem an oppressing, elemental force, heard on the stairs and corridors and sensed in the branches which whip against the window of the Gothic house and in the flutter of wings of the departing birds.

    But will Carmen prove to be her nemesis or her inspiration? When the banished outsider reappears, in the flesh, she is confronted by her young and innocent successor.

    A realistic coming-of-age story told in the style of a Gothic melodrama, "The Room at the Top of the Stairs" marks the directorial return for writer and director Briony Kidd. Produced by Adam Walker Film.
Sam and Piccolo
  • Sam and Piccolo
  • All was peaceful in the valley until Piccolo was overcome with greed.

  • This is a tale of greed destroying those that we love.
Arcade Trap
  • Arcade Trap
  • Enter the arcade!

  • A small boy discovers a video arcade machine that provides the ultimate fighting game experience. He overcomes all of the obstacles thrown against him, only to succumb to another tragic but inevitable fate. His predicament is a lesson for all of us to learn from.
4 Pantun
  • 4 Pantun
  • A life in four pantun.

  • A man dreams of a past either real or imagined. This is an journey in four parts through key moments of life.
Daughter of God (working title)
  • Daughter of God (working title)
  • The defence of innocence at any price.

  • This is the high action science fiction adventure of an elite soldiers attempt to defend the last innocent hope for the future.